Residential Window Cleaning

Residential window cleaning service includes cleaning of all glass throughout the home upon an agreed estimate.  This service includes detailed hand cleaning and wiping of all frames, sills and screens at no additional charge.  Any obstacle will be handled by our employees at the customer’s request.  Moving furniture and working around landscaping and tricky roof lines are our specialty.

The tedious steps taken during our window cleaning process is what sets us apart from your normal window washer.  We take down and clean storms/screens if you have them. Then we scrub down the glass (inside/out at your request) with a scrub brush and our glass cleaner.  Next, we squeegee off all cleanser and wipe down with special towels.  During this step we take care of the frame and sill area.

All storms/screens are reinstalled after the cleaning is complete, and any missing or rusted screws are replaced at no additional charge.  If the job requires, we can clean any problem areas with a special scraper (such as paint or mortar) or chemicals for stains. It will be discussed with the homeowner and will require additional charges.

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