• If you are thinking about having your exterior windows cleaned, conisder having your gutters clenaed first if they are in need of service.

  • Cleaning your windows is the best return on investment when selling your home.

  • Clean windows can help improve your mental health.

  • Clean windows help provide glass longevity.

Do you move household items blocking windows?

We understand that your household items are priceless/valuable to you.  This is why we take extreme care in moving them for any hard to reach or blocked window areas.  Any small knick-knacks are the responsibility of the customer to move but we are able to but not to accept reponsibility of damage.  We do provide any furniture movement needed.

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Doesn't rain make my windows dirty?

Dirt creates dirty windows, not rain.  Raindrops move around the dirt already on the window.  Clean windows remain clean after it rains.

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Can windows be cleaned during the winter?

Yes.  We do not have many days that it does not make it above freezing.  As long as temperatures are close to 32-degrees, your cleaning can be completed.

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How often should I get my windows cleaned?

At least twice a year ont he inside and outside.  Glass manufacturers suggest every three (3) months especially on exterior surfaces to protect from harmful build up.

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Can you help my fogged windows through cleaning?

Unfortunately we cannot.  It will need to be replaced but professional window cleaning can help lower chances of this happening in the future to windows that aren't fogged.  There is a new method of bleeding air and decreasing moisture that can be beneficial.  Please ask us for details.

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What happens to the screens and sills during my window cleaning?

All screens are included in the window cleaning estimate and will be removed and cleaned.  Sills and frames will be cleaned during the windowcleaning process.

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What if a window breaks during cleaning?

We will replace it at our cost unless the glass or frame had previous damage.

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Do you scrape paint off windows?

Yes.  This is normally included in regular cleanings; however, if there is more than a normal amount of paint, extra charges will apply.

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How long does window cleaning take?

Almost all jobs are completed in one day with most taking less than 1/2 a day.

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What about scratches on glass?

Scratches are caused by many thing but window cleaning is not one of them. Many scratches are noticed for the first time after window cleaning due to the fact that a layer of dirt has been removed or that clean light is reflecting in the scratch. Most common scratches occur during construction. This is when bricks or other objects hit the glass surface also removal of morter and paint can be a cause. Some glass due to manufacturing error will scratch on the first person who tries to clean them. This is causing many headaches for businesses and home owners all over the world. Builders do not know all but when glass is made and cut little tins of glass shavings fall on glass surface and if not removed befor the final bake of the glass they will be baked to surfaces and the first person to come along drags an object over the window and loosens the tins and they scratch the glass surface.

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